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GnuCash 2.4 small business accounting

Het GnuCash ontwikkelteam ontving bericht over een nieuw boek, uitgegeven door PacktPub (UK):

GnuCash 2.4 Small Business Accounting, geschreven door Ashok Ramachandran.

Deze handleiding voor het beheren van uw rekeningen is geschreven voor beginners.

Onze eigen ontwikkelaar Christian Stimming heeft als proeflezer bijgedragen aan dit boek; wij kunnen de uitkomst van deze vruchtbare samenwerking van harte aanbevelen. Daarnaast heeft de uitgever toegezegd om een zeker percentage van de verkoopopbrengst ten gunste van het GnuCash-project te laten komen. Neem dus vooral even een kijkje op!

GnuCash 2.6 uitgave rondleiding

Deze rondleiding introduceert de belangrijkste verniewingen in GnuCash 2.6.

Rapporten gebaseerd op jqplot

GnuCash genereert nu rapporten op basis van javascript jqplot. Hierdoor maken alle grafische rapporten (taartdiagram, staafdiagram, lijndiagram) een professionelere indruk.

[jqplot barchart]

Een staafdiagram weergegeven in GnuCash met jqplot.

Nieuw beheersysteem voor voorgeconfigureerde rapporten

The old GnuCash custom report management system has been revised. You can save a report using the dedicated options in the File menu and rerun it later by selecting it from the menu Reports->Preconfigured Reports.

[Preconfigred reports window]

The Preconfigured Reports window. You can select and run a preconfigured report, edit its name and delete it.

Elk rapport direct naar PDF exporteren

Reports and invoices can be exported directly in a PDF file without going thru the Print window.

Associate a local file or remote location with any transaction

It is now possible to link an external local file or a remote location (URL) with a transaction. This long-requested feature is available through both the Transaction menu and the transaction's context menu. The files are displayed in the default viewer for that file type.

[Attach file/ location to transaction]

You can now associate a local file or a remote location with any transaction.

Account colors

It is now possible to associate to any account a unique color from the edit account window. This color can then be displayed as account name and account register tab background easing the lookup of a specific account.

[Account colors]

The colors ease the lookup of specific accounts in the account tree and in tabs.

Timout on "Save changes on closing"

In the General tab of the GnuCash Preferences is now possible to set a timeout for the "Save changes on closing" window. If enabled, the "Save changes on closing" question will only wait a limited number of seconds for an answer. If the user didn't answer within that time, the changes will be saved automatically and the question window closed.

Het gegevensbestand als alleen lezen openen

When opening a locked "book" one now has the option of opening it read-only.

Note that GnuCash is still a single-user program and that the database backends are still used only as a data store.

Open read-only]

Een nieuwe knop om een GnuCash bestand in alleen-lezen modus te openen.

Save "Filter By" settings

It is now possible to save the "Filter By…" settings for an account register.

[Filter by save]

Save the "Filter By…" settings by enabling the "Save Filter" checkbox.

Improved business module

The business module has been revamped and we introduced some new features:

[Customer report]

Customer report with an invoice and a credit note.
[Search Invoice]

Updated search window with buttons to process payment, duplicate, post and print multiple search results.

New preference system

The preferences system has been rewritten to use GSettings from GIO (GLib) instead of GConf. This is a simpler and more robust backend which writes to the OS's native prefs - defaults on OS X and the Registry on MSWindows - and allows us to remove several troublesome dependencies including GConf, ORBit, and DBus.

Note that window position, column sizes, and sort orders will not be migrated from GConf. Those settings will revert to the default the first time you use Gnucash 2.6 or later, but they will be saved once you've reset them.


By agreement of all authors we have relicensed GnuCash to the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later from just Version 2.


You can download the new 2.6 version of GnuCash from the GnuCash website main page.


GnuCash 2.6 comes with updated Help and Guide. If you can't find the answer to your questions in those documents, try with the GnuCash wiki. If both options are unsatisfactory, you can send your questions to the GnuCash mailing lists: the GnuCash community is very friendly and experienced and someone will surely assist you.

Want to Help?

GnuCash is a program maintained by volunteers. If you want to be part of the effort, you can contribute in many ways:

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